How to Get VC Funding for Your Business

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Book Contents

Smooth Ride To Venture Capital

 How  to  Get VC Funding  for Your Business


The contents of this authoritative handbook on raising venture capital are detailed below. Some of the chapters are downloadable in pdf format, as indicated alongside the chapter heading. More sample contents of some other chapters is also downloadable, as indicated.

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Contents   Download

          Preface   Download                                                                                                             

Ground Zero         Venture Capital Raising Plan   Download                                                                   

Part  I                    How the Venture Capital Industry Works   Download 

          1. What is Venture Capital   Download                                                     
          2. How the Venture Capital Industry Operates            
          3. How Do VCs Make Money?                                              
          4. Are All VCs the Same?                                                        
          5. What Is the VC Investment Process                         

Part II                    Assessing Your Readiness for Venture Capital   Download

          6. Do I Need Venture Capital?                                                                                
          7. Getting Over the Fear of the VC   Download                                                        
          8. To What Kind Of Business do VCs Provide Money?                                          
          9. The Process of Raising Venture Capital                             

Part  III                  Preparing for the VC   Download

          10. Hiring Advisers   Download                                                                              
          11. Doing an Internal Review of Your Business   Download                                     
          12. Do a Growth Audit                                                                                           
          13. Determining the Strategic Direction of your Business                                          
          14. Building Your Board of Directors and Advisory Board                                      
          15. Understanding Ownership, Dilution and Rounds of Financing   Download           
          16. Determining the Valuation of Your Business for VC Funding    Download            
          17. Creating Your Funding Plan                                                                               
          18. Creating Your Business Plan                                                                              
          19. Creating the Elevator Pitch and the VC Presentation                                           

Part IV                   Negotiating and Structuring The Deal   Download

          20. Selecting and Meeting The VC   Download                                                        
          21. Preparing to Negotiate with the VC                                                                   
          22. Negotiating the Term Sheet                                                                               
          23. Managing the Due Diligence                                                                              
          24. Closing the Deal — Legal Closure Documentation                                             

Part V                    Managing The VC Relationship   Download

          25. Getting Along with the VC                                                                               
          26. Exiting Profitably                                                                                             

APPENDIX  I                History of Venture Capital in the USA                                                                

APPENDIX  II              Venture Capital Industry in India   Download                                                       

APPENDIX  III             Corporate Venture Capital                                                                                    

APPENDIX  IV             Glossary of VC Terminology and Slang                                                                

APPENDIX  V               Recommended Reading   Download                                                                        


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